HASA-Fight Against Ebola

Bleach is essential in the fight against Ebola. Project Concern International (PCI) has been responding to the Ebola epidemic in Liberia since it began in March of this year. They work in the communities to teach people how to prevent Ebola, what the symptoms are, and what to do if they suspect they are infected. They have educated more than 140,000 people on how to prevent Ebola infection.

Hasa, Inc. is grateful to partner with PCI in this global fight and is proud to help by the donation of 350 cases of bleach to PCI. It is hoped that this contribution will improve sanitary conditions in Liberia and bring this epidemic to an end!

Bleach is essential in the fight against Ebola, and this donation from Hasa will allow us to save lives and prevent the further spread of the disease, said George Guimaraes, President & CEO of PCI. We are grateful for Hasa’s generous gift, and it comes at critical time in our response efforts as we will need this material more than ever in operating Community Care Centers to treat Ebola patients.

The bleach was shipped out of Texas on a Maersk tanker. Maersk is also donating the shipping costs, and the bleach should arrive by Christmas.

The Hasa team is proud to contribute to PCI’s fight against Ebola, said Rory Manley, President of Hasa Inc. This human tragedy that threatens Liberia and other African countries also has global implications and is a battle that cannot be lost. Here in the U.S. we take for granted the simplest things like bleach which affords us clean drinking water and prevents the spread of disease in so many ways. We gladly share this basic resource and hope that it will improve sanitary conditions in Liberia.

PCI is working with groups across the country to gather these supplies, and they need both cash and supplies to continue these operations. You can go to their website, www.pciglobal.org/ebola, to contribute to their efforts.

It's always a neat thing to be able to help people in need and since our particular product is what's needed the most it was an ideal thing. It makes you feel good. Gives you something to smile about today, said HASA CEO Mark Wilson.