Sensing A Healthy Pool

Pool operators and swimmers can help maintain healthy water conditions with proper treatment and healthy swimming behaviors. Did you know that you can use your senses to help recognize the difference between a healthy pool and a potentially risky one:

  • Sight: Look for water that's clean, clear and blue - free from algae and unclouded. From the perimeter of the pool, you should be able to clearly see the drain or painted stripes on the pool floor. Also, look for drainage grills at the top of pool walls. Water should be constantly lapping over the grills to be filtered. 

    Hasa Eco-Safe Pool Enzyme and Hasa Eco-Safe Pool Enzyme & Phos Out Maintenance is concentrated and robust. They effectively remove 80 – 90% of organic matter; reduces sanitizer use; and are cost effective.

    Hasa’s Eco-Safe Water Clarifier is a fast acting and effective to clear that cloudy water. This product will sharpen and shine your pool water to make it most inviting!

  • Touch: Check for tiles that feel smooth and clean. Sticky or slippery tiles are caused by algae and other unwanted organisms. A hand full or scoop of water should disperse quickly and not stick to your hands.

    Hasa Algi Control and Hasa Algi Control Concentrate are outstanding algae growth depressants. Hasa-cide should be used to control the growth of algae in your swimming pool. Hasa Tile Brite may be used on all tile and porcelain surfaces in the swimming pool and in the spa to remove the buildup of oils, soaps, and mineral deposits.

  • Smell: Chlorine helps keep pools healthy, and will not cause a strong chemical odor in a well-maintained pool. Strong chemical odors, as well as skin, eye or respiratory irritation, are caused by the high levels of chloramines, formed when chlorine combines with contaminants brought into pools by swimmers.

    Super Chlorinate with Hasa Sani-Clor - One gallon of equals two pounds of "dry shock" and contains no Calcium to cause stains or scale.

  • Sound: Listen for pool cleaning equipment. Properly operating pumps help make sure that clean, chlorinated water reaches all parts of the pool, while filters physically remove debris.

    Hasa Eco-Safe Water Clarifier removes dirt and debris from your water. It accelerates filtration for sparkling and clear swimming pool water.

With these simple tips, a healthy pool will provide hours of fun and healthy swimming! Remember that Hasa, Inc. has a full line of Professional Products for your Pool and Spa!