The Best Quality and Service at a Fair Price
Interview with Mark Wilson, CEO of HASA

Well our next guest is not only keeping our water safe, they are helping to keep our world safe.

HASA Inc. are manufacturers of some of the most effective water treatment products available for use in everything; from industrial applications to home swimming pools. But they’ve also been helping to save the environment for over 40 years.

Mark Wilson is CEO of HASA and is here to tell us more.

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Transcript of Interview

Interviewer: Mark welcome.

Mark Wilson: I’m glad to be here.

Interviewer: Mark tell us a bit about the company. How did we arrive at the HASA of today?

Mark Wilson: Well we started in the mid 60’s and we had one premise that would really make us successful and that was hard work get up each day and give your best and to get your best from your employees you need to treat them with respect. The second thing is that we wanted the best quality the best service at a fair price and we never went geographically beyond where we could service our customers well. We have lead times necessary to run our business but our philosophy is that if a customer’s runs out for any reason he can’t sell our product if he doesn’t have it so we get it to him. We believe in a partnership in business in order for us to be successful our vendors, our employees, and our customers must also be successful. It has to be a true partnership for a long lasting business.

Interviewer: And part of your success is that you make the best pool treatment products available. Tell us about that.

Mark Wilson: Back in the late 60s a gentleman by the name of Dwayne Powell developed a bleach plant, a plant that would manufacture our product and it was state of the art and it gave you a very consistent, continuous product. No one did it at the time, they all did it in the batches so every batch was as little different. We couldn’t afford it, we couldn’t afford the machine, no one wanted it but my father was able to work out a deal to get us this machine and we were the first to have it in our area and it provided us with very good quality product along with buying good raw materials for that and making our product a little bit stronger than the competitor created a lot of success for us.

Interviewer: Well I mentioned Hasa’s ongoing commitment to preserving our environment, what are some of your accomplishments in this area?

Mark Wilson: We have a case in a bottle that’s not only recyclable but is returnable. We did it originally because it seems like the right thing to do, it didn’t seem wasteful. We charge a deposit for it and then return it, clean it and send it back out with product in it again. That provided another problem for us. We had to wash those cases, so we had a lot of wash water and we learned how to use all our water internally and reuse it so that we didn’t have anything going into the environment, either into the sewers or having to hall off any water.

Interviewer: Well Mark thanks for all of your hard work and thanks for joining us today.

Mark Wilson: Thank you very much for having me.

Interviewer: That was Mark Wilson; you can learn more at